I’ve found our this awesome video “Four Rules for a Healthy Lifestyle” animated for Harvard Medical School.

Simple rules… with outstanding results:

  1. Eat a Good Diet.
  2. Get Regular Exercise.
  3. Keep Good Hygiene.
  4. Get Enough Rest.

Watch the video:

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How is your spirit today? When I was younger, I never thought of fitness programs and workout plans. Let us face it, if you do not see wrinkles and age lines in your face, there is no real reminder that we are actually getting old – and fast.

I am a sales representative and oftentimes, I have to be on the go to get a commission. I always have deadlines to beat. More often than not, I go home stressed out.

I never thought of my work habit and its possible effect on my health until I got sick. The doctor said that due to my unhealthy lifestyle, I get exhausted easily. I also had a low immune system.

He prescribed rest, a healthy diet and exercise to give my body the boost it needs so that I can function in my work just like before. Since I badly wanted to get well, I dove into fitness and wellness program like a pro. But with so many programs to choose from, it was really hard to find out what really works.

scott sonnonI did what any normal person should do – try out as many as I can. At first, I was very enthusiastic. I did everything the trainer asked us to do. But something made me give up with all the programs that I tried – I did not like the increasingly painful feeling after every workout.

My friend told me about a workout plan that works out for her. She said she has got good results without the body pains after. According to her, Scott Sonnon tacfit is a fitness program that put emphasis precision over power and recovery over exhaustion.

The workouts focus on technique to minimize injury. After a 20-minute training, there is a required 10 second-rest. The system is designed to maximize the exercise without overtly tiring those who are undergoing the program.

I have been under the program for five months, and I must say I have never felt better. My stamina is improving and I can even do overtime in my work. I hope to continue with tacfit and see its other benefits to my health.

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27 Aug 2014

SPIRIT… What does it mean?

the non-physical part of a person which is the seat of emotions and character; the soul.

the prevailing or typical quality, mood, or attitude of a person, group, or period of time.

So, this will be a blog about emotions, mood, attitude…

It will reflect my daily me… Yes, I change daily… one day I’m COOL and SEXY… the next day I’m a NERD!

One day I’m HAPPY… the other day I’m SAD.

Welcome… and enjoy!

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